Interview with a "Price"

Interview with a "Price"

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Karl Bland


  1. Who you going to call?
    05 May, 2017
    Who you going to call?
    "who you gunna call?.... John Griffiths" May 5, 2017 | karl bland      JOHN A GRIFFITHS I was honored today that a paranormal investigator that happens to be a good friend of mine took time out of his busy day to talk to me a bit about the world of ghost hunting. I have known this man about 4 years on Facebook and would like to think we good friends, john is a very well known investigator in Liverpool U.K a go to guy and a font of knowledge paranormal. John is the  founder member of the
  2. Joe and the k-2
    14 May, 2017
    Joe and the k-2
    ​ HEY JOE...WHERE YOU GOING WITH THAT K2 IN YOUR HAND May 14, 2017   JOE THOMPSON Last night i was lucky enough to spend 2hours with the lovely Joe Thompson talking about his view of his life as a paranormal investigator, A convosation that would be fasinating to return to many times in the near future. I hope you ebjoy as much as i did Joe namaste brother K. what was the catalyst for your interest in the paranormal J. Actually, it was having chats and going on adventures with my grandmother